Best Web Host Companies in Ethiopia with Statistics and Price 2021

15 Best Web Host Companies in Ethiopia with Statistics and Price 2021

Basically, web hosting in Ethiopia and in general, is the process of inputting one's business, product or any other content into the World Wide Web, making it available for everyone to view.

This hosting service is available and provided to individuals, as well as, to organizations of any size.

The clients of this service are given space on servers that are usually located in large underground bunkers that are highly secured.

The disk space allocated to the client depending on their needs permits them to upload and save files and content for the publishing of their website.

Aside from most of the web hosting companies in Ethiopia, Ethio Telecom operates and maintains online servers locally within country.

Most Ethiopian web hosting companies opt for servers located in the US, Canada, UK or Australia.

Even though the web hosting business in Ethiopia is still in its infancy, there are companies that deserve to be recognized for their efficiency and dependability.

We have prepared the following 15 Ethiopian web host companies in order of their customer base, global rank, respectability, etc.

1. Ethio Telecom

(Global Rank: 48,669)

web hosting companies in ethiopia ethio telecom

Ethio Telecom is the giant government owned (soon to be partially privatized) telecommunications monopoly and is currently still the leader when it comes to web hosting in Ethiopia.

There have been several reported complaints as to the quality of the service provided but with the recent drastic changes in leadership, we hope to see a better Ethio Telecom.

The prices for web hosting with Ethio Telecom are in the range of 452.17 ETB to 1,008.70 ETB.

2. Yegara Host

(Global Rank: 52,187)

web hosting companies in ethiopia yegara hosting

Yegara Host exploded onto the Ethiopian web hosting scene with their attractive offer of "unlimited everything".

Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage space, unlimited emails, unlimited sql databases, etc. and all for a very attractive price.

This has been a major factor towards contributing to their growing market dominance.

Yegara is a UK based firm with offices representing them locally in Ethiopia.

Use this link to get started today: Yegara Web Host