Software developers dream of climbing a quick career ladder. But then as the saying goes, there is no shortcut to success, except for one, i.e., having full-stack development skills


Full-stack development is considered a definite milestone by career crawlers

Software developers dream of climbing a quick career ladder. But then as the saying goes, there is no shortcut to success, except for one, i.e., having full-stack development skills. It applies to any programming language and Python is not an exception. Python is the most in-demand language with around thousands of Python developer jobs posted every week on a single recruitment website; not to talk about full-stack development openings in python. Full-stack development is considered a definite milestone by career crawlers. It is reported to have around a 30% growth rate in the past year alone. You cannot find a more compelling reason for doing a full-stack python course than this except you have difficulty in finding one. Analytics Insight has listed the top10 Full-Stack Python Development courses, to compare and zero in on quickly.


1. Python and Django full-stack development course:

Created by Jhon Portail, the creator of Udemy’s most popular course, it is considered the best course for Python and Django full-stack development. It is the go-to course for complete beginners who are planning to master Python end-to-end. The course content includes both front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and back-end technologies like Django to teach you to develop a website from scratch. The course can be availed on Udemy, the 32-hour video content is available along with practical exercises.


2. Full Stack web development and AI with Python:

Learn to integrate AI algorithms and data science libraries into the website you develop using Python front-end and back-end technologies to enable web analytics. Initially, the course takes you through basic concepts of Python and later gradually introduces the concepts of Django framework along with front-end technologies. This course is available on Udemy with around 40 hrs of video content. Apart from learning Python concepts, you will get to design neural network architectures, use AWS tools, and gain expertise in digital security.


3. Full Stack Web Development with Python (WEB2PY):

A fully integrated course designed for beginners or developers who want to upgrade to a second tier of the stack to become familiar with Python or WEB2PY. This course is developed by which includes a web server, admin, bootstrap, and SQLite database. This is a project-based course, divided into two broad segments. First, the users learn about full-stack development from a beginner’s perspective and then move over to the WEB2PY application.


4. Django3- Full-stack web development course:

Want to learn the back end with Django and the front end with only one language, then Django3 is the course for you. This Udemy course teaches you to use HTML 5, CSS 3, and Bootstrap 4 to integrate the frontend with the backend to create impressive UX features. In this course, you will get to design 3 websites including one with a fully functional TODO list manager website, for which the backend should be designed using Python code.


5. Python Full Stack Web Development with Google Cloud Platform:

This Udemy course teaches full-stack Python web development using the flask framework. This course needs the learner to have a basic understanding of Python concepts so as to grasp the advanced concepts. This course primarily caters to the needs of programmers who are interested in developing web applications, learning web designing, understanding document-based databases, and delivering cloud services.


6. Full-Stack React, Python, and GraphQL:

This Udemy course is meant for experienced programmers who want to learn to build full-stack applications using advanced frameworks like React, powered by Python backend frameworks, using GraphQL on server and user interface. The latest techniques and tools in React, such as React Hooks, Apollo Boost, and Material UI are part of the course. You will get to learn to combine these tools with Python, Django, Graphene, etc.


7. Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp:

This Full-Stack web development Bootcamp course includes frameworks like JavaScript, React, Python, Docker, Flask, Bootstrap, Git, and Postman. This is the best course for developers who are focused on learning web development using the combination of Python and React. Apart from that, you will learn to build backend API services using Python Flask, build single-page applications using React, etc.


8. The Complete Python Developer in 2022: Zero to Mastery

Developed by ZTM academy, it has modules on machine learning with Python, building 12 real-world applications with Python using Django framework including building a web scrapping website, professional portfolio website, and implementing machine learning algorithms inside the framework.


9. Python Full Stack Developer course by :

As a compact course in Full Stack development using Python, it covers concepts like Python, JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML/CSS, and Django. It has around 300 hrs of video content with detailed class notes developed by experts. Their course includes daily coding assignments, pair programming labs, and discussion forums, for students to acquire hands-on experience in coding.


10. Full Stack web development course by Springboard:

This Full Stack development course developed by Springboard Academy provides an overall picture of the programming stack required for web development along with teaching the essential developer tools for troubleshooting, performance optimization, and collaboration. This course covers most of the web development frameworks which include Javascript, Python, Django, MySQL, Chrome Dev Tools, and Git for the learner to be able to develop the website from scratch.