What is instigating parents to go for their child's investigation? Are parents getting more cautious and watchful about their children?

What is instigating parents to go for their child's investigation? Are parents getting more cautious and watchful about their children?

MISSING!  a boy of around 8-year, 4'3" tall, fair complexion cut on the right eyebrow, mole on the chin, last seen at A***** Railway station on date, speaks Hindi and English, wearing a white shirt and black pants, smart looking. The informer will be suitably rewarded. Contact Mr/Mrs. XYZ, Ph - 99XXXXXXXX. 

We are all aware of these kinds of advertisements for child investigation. But an unprecedented form of child investigation is trending nowadays. 

Talking about metro cities, parents are now perturbed if their child is getting involved in any illicit or immoral activities. With the growing influence of western culture, children can get bound towards offensive deeds. There is growing anxiety among parents, especially their teenage kids. Reportedly, many cases of child investigation are thriving these days.

  • Strict Parents: A child tends to hide many things from their strict parents due to fear of getting scolded badly. In this scenario, there are many chances of a communication gap between parents and children. So, in order to know about their child's life parents are relying on Private Detective Agency in Delhi to get informed about their child’s day-to-day activities.
  • Both parents working: time is the essence of any relationship. Child both parents working gives less time together. In this case, parents get less time to interact with their kids and know what’s happening in their life. So, parents look for Detectives to enquire about their child.
  • Technology and its effects: Genz is well updated with technology and is affable in today’s fastest-growing world. Getting mobile phones at a young age, can both be a boon as well as a curse. Parents try to be friends with their kids but they fail to do so in many cases. The millennials prefer to be more active on social media than having a good family time. Pandemic made mobile phones even more accessible to children. School children and college students’ addiction to phones and social media has left the parents worried for their child’s future.
  • Child’s cranky behavior: Sometimes child’s behavior makes the parents suspicious of them. Especially, teenagers going through hormonal changes of puberty, express and communicate in a different manner. If the case gets out of hand and the child becomes stubborn, parents out of concern look forward to the Private Detectives to get all the information about their child. 
  • Teenagers getting swayed:  Teenagers getting influenced by late-night party culture, pubs, and night outs are a common scenario in metro cities. Getting information about his friend list if a child is going for a hangout or late night party or pubs. As the risk factor in the case of teenagers increases, parents’ utmost concern is to make sure that their child is safe and not involved in anything which gets him/her into trouble.

Private Detective Agencies are, therefore, grabbing an opportunity in this realm. Parents hiring a detective agency in Delhi to enquire about their child’s after-school or college activities, tracking their locations, and finding their friend's circle are very common these days. For any parent-child is the biggest asset for them. If a child is misled or suspicious of some misdeed parents are high. Children being the future of our country needs to keep in check if they are on wrong track.